Golf for Beginners

The Golf Academy at AKDR Golf Village is the most ideal place to learn Golf. It is completely equipped with all training facilities to learn and perfect the game. Our team of dedicated instructors have several years of experience in training aspiring golfers.

Choice of a single lesson or a comprehensive coaching package is available based on individual requirements. Classes are conducted on a one-on-one basis and have to be scheduled with prior appointment with the Instructors.

The coaching program consists of a set of 15 classes and 10 practice sessions, during which the beginners will be taught all the necessary skills to become a golfer. Starting with Putting and Chipping, beginners will move on to power game training, by guiding them through a structured program and gradually building on their required skills. Various aids such as video / mirror analysis of the swing, putting aid etc. are used to provide accurate and valuable feedback to improve the swing and stroke. Beginners will be encouraged to practice on their own in between lessons to hone the skills learnt. Instructors are available during practice sessions for minor corrections. Apart from golf training, beginners will be taught golf etiquette and basic rules.

Please contact +91-97899-75857 or +91-97899-76787 to schedule your lessons.

  • • Stand alone lessons and Coaching Package (15 lessons + 10 practice sessions)
  • • Structured step-by-step program to impart all essential golfing skills
  • • Lessons on Golf Etiquette and basic rules
  • • Training by experienced instructors
  • • Accurate and valuable feedback using modern teaching aids

    • Timings:
      Classes by prior appointment. Available all days of the week.

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